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Suzanne Tatz


Suzanne Tatz is the Managing Partner at Statz Agency, a renowned consulting firm in the insurance industry. With a strong belief in the value of consultation over sales, Suzanne emphasizes the importance of providing expert advice and guidance to clients. She firmly believes that by prioritizing ethical practices and doing what is right for clients, success and financial gains will naturally follow.


Mission / Vision

Statz Agency focuses on educating and assisting consumers, empowering them to make informed decisions about their insurance purchasing needs. The agency's goal is to ensure that clients have a comprehensive understanding of their options, enabling them to choose the most suitable insurance solutions.


Suzanne and her team are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients, offering tailored solutions that not only meet their needs but also come with the lowest rates available in the market.

Overall, Suzanne Stats and the Statz Agency strive to establish a reputation as trusted advisors in the insurance industry, prioritizing client satisfaction, transparency, and providing exceptional service to ensure long-term relationships with their valued clients.


Meet the Team

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